10 Leading UI/UX Web Design Trends in 2021?

06 April 2021 . minute read

In this article, we want to discuss the latest UI/UX design trends of 2020–2021 and explore how world-known companies implement them.

You can stand out from the crowd if you build a visually appealing and easy-to-use website. However, the tendencies and expectations of users change rapidly. It means you should follow the latest techniques. What are they in 2020?

1. Dark mode

Dark mode is one of the most popular web design tendencies in 2020. Android, Instagram, and Apple provide users with alternative themes. Why the tendency is so popular? Let’s take a look at some main reasons:

  • You can create an ultra-modern design;
  • You can highlight and pop other website elements.

A lot of solutions offer users an opportunity to choose when to turn on the dark mode. For instance, Apple implements a feature that allows you to schedule times of changing the device’s appearance.

2. Shortcomings that add uniqueness

Incomplete, free-hand web application design elements evoke positive emotions. Through unique shortcomings, users can see the brand identity that helps stand out from the crowd. In fact, the trend is the opposite technique to pixel-perfect web elements.

3. Immersive 3D elements

3D design elements have been attracting many users for a long time. Designers are going to use this trend even more as VR and AR technologies become more popular every day. For these reasons, it is a perfect idea to mix the above technique and build a hyper-realistic 3D web design.

To succeed in implementing the trend, you need to be sure that your website shows high performance. In case your platform is not well-optimized, 3D elements will definitely lag and users may have a low page response time.

4. Soft shadows, layers and floating elements

Soft shadows and floating visuals infuse positive emotions. They show the depth in elements and make your website looking slightly 3D. You can apply the trend to any text, images, videos, etc.

Nowadays, UI/UX design companies use layering to place elements on top of each other. Also, you can apply soft drop shadows to show enhanced depth. Such a combination allows you to create a drown effect and a lightweight feeling.

5. Mixing photography with graphics

Overlapping graphics onto the images is another popular web design trend in 2020. With its help, you can unleash creativity and create fabulous user interfaces.

This collage-like trend is flexible. You can implement it both to build childness for product images or add seriousness to a financial or tech webpage. This way, it becomes possible to customize images and add extra personality to your web design.

6. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants obviously stand for one of the latest technology trends in 2020. They influence the way we look for information, make notes, etc. Such popular companies as Apple, Android, and Google implement this tendency to offer users the best user experience.

Actually, you can move beyond using this trend. Implement a voice user interface to become a leader in the market and stand out from the crowd.

7. Realistic textures

In 2020, we are witnessing the return of textures. Ethereal gradients and smooth isometric objects become a thing of the past. By designing contours and grains, you can make users want to reach out and touch textures.

However, try not to overdo them. Otherwise, you can distract visitors and take away all their attention. Follow UI/UX designers’ tips and choose the most relevant texture types for your application theme.

8. UX writing and microcopy

Nowadays, companies are changing their communication style. They are aiming at making it less formalized and closer to regular dialogue. Some companies aren’t even afraid of adding a pinch of humour. However, it is important to keep within the limits and know your target audience.

Microcopies are another hot UI/UX design trend that perfectly matches UX writing. This technique adds a unique tone and sound to your website and allows you to build good relationships with users. The tactic is effective if you want to capture the brand’s atmosphere. Microcopy texts are written specifically for a certain brand to support its corporate style.

9. Abstract data visualization

Today common data visualization formats such as tables, databases, and lists look out-of-date, unattractive and boring. That’s when the abstract display of data comes to the fore. It is a good solution for tech- and production-oriented websites.

You can also display your products by showing the aces moving in all directions.

10. Fabulous product photos

In 2020, surreal item photos are expected to become widespread over most of the e-commerce platforms and online stores.

The main idea is to amaze customers and grab their attention by showcasing unreal elements. Potential consumers start using their imagination and stay longer on your website. This way, you can increase the average session time and improve the conversion rate.

Users’ expectations and demands grow and change rapidly. It means you should make even more effort to draw their attention and stimulate them to stay on your website. If you want to succeed, follow the latest UI/UX design trends.


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