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Bespoke web application made to scale with your business as you grow. You might want to streamline a business process or use technology to scale a growing problem, whatever, the problem we can build a platform to help you achieve the outcome you want.

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Software concept & strategy

Concept and Strategy

Understanding your business and its processes is an important process. At this stage we become business process analysts. We need to understand the problem to find a solution.

UX and UI Design | Responsive design

UX and UI Design

The challenge here is to fully embrace the client’s objectives to ensure we can visualise a cutting edge modern design is functional and easy to use.

Web Development London

Web Development

We develop in the latest coding languages, and in the most relevant development environments for the project. No fitting square pegs in round holes here.

Is a digital business web application right for your business?

We need to understand your business, to understand the problems, to be able to find the right solutions.

Technology, if used in the right way can improve business efficiencies a hundred fold. Our experience has taught us that technology should be implemented to scale with a business if there is a clear path to efficiencies (cost & administrative). We work with clients to streamline business processes by building digital bespoke web application development that work through the cloud and centralising data, giving real time access to data.

Although we are based in Holborn, London. However, below are the areas where most clients get in touch with Diginow:

Bristol - Sheffield - Leeds - Glasgow - Brighton - Leicester - Exeter - Manchester - Edinburgh - Barnet.

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Why build a digital business bespoke web application?

Current technology doesn’t fit the business

Current technology doesn’t fit the business

The current technological problems may have become outdated and are adding more inefficiency. There might be a requirement for an application that will grow and adapt as your business grows.

Business problems require solving

Business problems require solving

We work with our clients to create the business case with them for building an application. It may be that there is already a process in place but it involves many different departments in the business. A case in example for one our clients was putting in a system that would allow them to manage over 15 after school clubs from invoicing to reporting and invoicing.

Streamline into useful data

Streamline into useful data

A major advantage of a bespoke digital business application is the ability to gain greater and more accurate insights and data reporting for your business. By collecting accurate data on, you are better able to shape the future of your business moving forward.

Centralising systems

Centralising systems

We often find that clients will have multiple systems handling their business processes. Each system may connect, may pass data, but it’s clear that there are huge time consuming inefficiencies in the process. Centralising the process into one system leads to economies of scale.

Security & Speed

Security & Speed

Whatever architecture we use (Laravel, Ruby, Cake), we make sure the highest level of security is implemented and have monitoring systems in place. Speed is also important for usability as is the ability to access the digital business application on multiple devices.

You might to build the next Uber or Amazon, if you have the idea, we have the tools and the know-how to deliver.

Let's make something great together.

Whether it’s a new venture or existing brand. Let us know your ideas below using our project planner and we’ll see how we can help.