10 Signs You Need a New Website

25 June 2021 . minute read

Redesigning your business website may be a large undertaking. Review the list below to work out how likely a candidate you're for a brand new website. We’re definitely not trying to offer you website envy or diagnose a necessity that isn’t real.

Redesigning your business website may be a large undertaking. Review the list below to work out how likely a candidate you're for a brand new website. We’re definitely not trying to offer you website envy or diagnose a necessity that isn’t real. This can be simply our list of signs you must look out for when considering getting a brand new website.

1. Website is not responsive:

While this list isnt organised in terms of importance, your website not being responsive is sort of a serious reason for you to begin considering a brand new one. A responsive web design should ensure your website renders correctly across different devices which a memorable user experience is translated to each screen, whether its a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

What’s most significant, in keeping with recent data, mobile usage is quickly surpassing desktop usage because the way of surfing the online with now over 60% of users doing it from their smartphones. Now quite ever, you can’t afford steering your customers away only because on an unresponsive website.

2. High bounce rate:

If you've a high bounce rate, meaning that the majority likely you've got confusing design or content, upfront requests for an excessive amount of personal info or just ugly pages.

Google Analytics defines “bounce rate” because the percentage of single-page visitors to your site. In other words, it’s the share of people who come to your site and only visits the first page they land on. Instead of clicking through to a different page, visitors that bounce either didn’t find what they were trying to find , weren’t curious about learning more or found your webpage too slow or difficult to use.

To help reduce your bounce rate you would like a clean design, good functionality and therefore the ability to post relevant sticky content that interests people during a way that takes under consideration modern consumer habits and mobile. To manage all of this, it’s easier to seem at launching a replacement site. UK Web Designers - Directory of Web Design Companies in the UK.

3. Website doesn't align with your current branding:

Now, quite ever, your website and branding got to align, otherwise you could check out it this manner – your branding and website got to match.

For most businesses now, Web Design Directory your website is your primary marketing tool – your shop window – so it must be consistent. It’s an equivalent together with your website. If you've got brand guidelines for colours, fonts, image use, image style etc., stick with them. If not, write some and stick with them. Brand guidelines are often tricky to implement into an existing environment, but building them alongside a replacement website means from day one they become the quality.

4. Loading takes forever:

One of the most important issues we discover with older sites is how slowly the pages load. If your prospects are like most people, they’ve become aware of having what they need once they want it. meaning they won’t lurk around for those cool graphics to load or, worse yet, interrupt the reader when those images finally do arrange to pop and rearrange your text.

Excessive load times will contribute to higher bounce rates. Not only that, Google prioritizes load speeds when determining a website's search ranking. This can be significant since 94% of organic search traffic comes from Google.

5. Your site looks like it’s from 2010:

It’s been proven time and time again that a person’s perception of your company is directly suffering from their perception of your website. consider your website as a virtual storefront on main street. confirm the sign is well lit, the sidewalk is swept, the walls are freshly painted and therefore the sort of the place doesn’t cause you to appear as if you stepped out of 1922 (from the storefront analogy).

The foremost four-four time frame for major updates to your web presence is perhaps every 3-4 years. However, at GLIDE we’re very pleased with the very fact that a number of our clients’ sites at still receive rave reviews from their customers about their sites quite 5 years later.

6. Your webSite Isn’t HTTPS:

HTTPS may be a thanks to encrypt information that you simply send between a browser and an internet server. The way that happens is with an SSL certificate. This protects your website’s users from “man-in-the-middle” attacks, where someone steals the knowledge being sent to an internet site , like mastercard information or logins.

In the past, only sites with sensitive information are HTTPS, but as this has become easier to implement, this is often becoming the quality. With all the recent hacks, users expect secure sites and are weary of trusting sites that aren’t labelled as secure.

7. Your website is not accessible:

An “accessible” website simply means your website is coded to be read by screen readers and to be employed by people with various disabilities.

In addition to creating your website more accessible to people with disabilities, a WCAG accessible website can also prevent your business from getting sued. Since a landmark court case in 2017, there are a growing number of lawsuits arising during which businesses are becoming sued under the American’s with Disabilities Act, because their websites don't meet the extensive WCAG accessibility requirements. Defending yourself against these lawsuits are often quite costly.

8. Have confusing website navigation:

Talking about users, have you ever considered your menu and URL structure in your website? does one know your website user flow and the way the user will navigate?

You will want to make an idea of action for your website by creating a menu structure and sitemap strategy. Easy navigation is extremely important when analyzing your website.

9. FINDING you from your website?:

Depending on your company goals, online goals and “calls to action”, your mileage may vary on the results you expect from your website. If you’re an e-commerce website, traffic and conversion is that the matter of staying in business. during a referral-based industry, a web site helps drive warm referrals to the place where they're able to contact you. Is your website getting traffic? Is that traffic quality traffic? Are people contacting you from your site? Are they quality leads? Of all the signs that you simply need a replacement website, this is often the one that I’m hesitant to simply say you would like to “redesign the site”. Before you choose on a brand new site, you would possibly want to think about other factors like site traffic and conversion rates.

10. Want A Newly Designed Website:

Being unsatisfied together with your website may be a clear sign you would like to require the investment leap. If you are feeling your company site is poorly designed, hard to navigate, or just behind the days then its time to form the choice to urge a professionally developed website.

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