A new Google Spam Algorithm is currently rolling out.

21 October 2022. minute read

Google confirmed that a spam-fighting algorithm update is being rolled out to all languages and countries' search results....

Google confirmed that a spam-fighting algorithm update is being rolled out to all languages and countries' search results.

Google estimates that it will take several days for the October 2022 spam update to go live.

Exact specifics concerning spam updates are rarely released, particularly when they target specific types of spam, such as last year's link spam update.

Google releases spam updates on a regular basis in order to preserve the quality of its search results. The purpose of spam updates is to enhance Google's automated systems, which are always working in the background to find spam in search results.

If you're adhering to the Google Search Essentials, formerly known as the Google Webmaster Guidelines, you shouldn't have too much to worry about in terms of the October 2022 spam change.

As to Google's definition, it is challenging to be guilty of spam if you are unaware of it. Google has a rigorous definition of what constitutes spam, and it mainly refers to low-quality websites that deceive users into installing malware or disclosing personal information.

Spam updates also target malicious websites that attempt to rank in search results by pretending to be highly relevant pages, such as phishing scams and other negative operators online.

While webpages with minimal content that give little value may be regarded spammy, they do not fit Google's definition of spam. The helpful content algorithm used by Google is more likely to penalise thin content.

If you're uncertain about what Google considers spam, have a look at the new Google Search Essentials.

Having said that, spam from hackers can still infect websites that adhere to Google's Search Essentials. A website may be sending spam to users without them knowing it if it is not sufficiently secured.

Following the October 2022 spam update, you should check your site's security and search for any indications of a potential attack if suddenly your ranks dip.

When a website receives a spam update, Google either devalues the site's content in search results or removes it from its index.

Google warns that if a website doesn't make the necessary adjustments to adhere to its spam standards, it might take months for the website to recover from the negative effects of a spam update.

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