Advanced strategies to create a landing page that converts

25 November 2021 . minute read

If you are reading this, then you know that landing pages are an essential part of your marketing strategy. While a good landing page can give you amazing results, a bad one can have lots of negative effects.

Anyone can create a landing page, but bringing in the right people to it, and converting them is the challenging part.

Advanced strategies to create a landing page that converts

If your landing page conversions are not as expected, and you are done trying the usual strategies, then you have landed at the right place. In this post, let’s look at some advanced strategies that can help you create one that increases the conversion rate of your landing page.

1. Add a video

Did you know that adding a video to your landing page can increase your conversions by 86%?!

But why videos? Videos have the power to hook in your website visitors and make them stay on your page for longer. Automatically, they will learn more about your brand, your offering, and all this will have a definite positive impact on the minds of your visitors.

  • You can add video testimonials or interviews to your landing page. Adding customer stories can help you to engross your visitors more.
  • Storytelling works best for videos. You can use real-life videos, animated videos, or stock videos to tell your story, your brand’s story, or anything that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Try to not make the entire video about yourself. Instead, try to change the messaging to what you can offer your audience. Even if you are narrating your story, end the story with your customers.

2. Keep important things above the fold

You have only 8 seconds to make a good first impression on your audience. So, how do you use it to your advantage? Simple – keep the attractive and important things above the fold.

Above the fold refers to the part of the screen that is visible to the visitor even without having to scroll down. This part of your landing page is the first thing that your visitors will look at. Hence, it is super important to give thought to it.

  • Place your Call to Action (CTA) button above the fold to maximize the chances of the user clicking on it.
  • Also, try to add your main hook or value proposition above the fold. This can be your headline or your sub-headline. Try to directly address your target audience here.
  • Adding your video above the fold also helps to keep the visitor on your landing page for a long time.

3. Remove all unnecessary links

It is shocking to know that more than half of the businesses today use their home page as their landing page. This is the biggest mistake that can have a huge negative impact on your conversions. But, why should you have a separate landing page?

This is because, a landing page, on average, has around 20 to 40 links. These links can be a massive distraction to your visitors. Instead of clicking on the intended CTA, the visitors will change their attention to the other links.

Instead, have a separate landing page. Your landing page should have one, and only one link, which is your CTA button. This way, you are directing the visitors’ attention to only the intended CTA. Thus, you will notice a significant bump in your conversions.

4. Make your landing page accessible to everyone

Website accessibility is a huge issue faced by many internet users today. People with disabilities such as visual impairments, physical disabilities, and cognitive disabilities want to access the website just like you and me. And if such users find that your landing page is not accessible, they will be instantly driven away.

Without taking the right web accessibility measures, people with disabilities wouldn’t be able to access the content of your website using their assistive devices. Hence, simply by fixing your landing pages’ accessibility, you’ll see a massive difference in your conversions.

You can use an accessibility platform that will take care of all the accessibility issues on your landing page. Ensuring full accessibility will also keep your business safe from the super-expensive ADA lawsuits.

5. Use an exit-intent pop-up

Having an exit intent pop-up is the last chance at converting your visitor. Such pop-ups might be slightly intrusive. But, since the visitor has decided to exit your page anyway, hence why not give it a last try?!

The key with exit intent pop-ups is to hook them in with an irresistible offer. Your exit intent popup can be the same as the landing page offer. Or, you can even offer the visitors something extra to maximize your conversions. Also, ensure that your exit pop-up’s copy is creative and on-point.

6. Create multiple landing pages

If you are an advocate of the omnichannel marketing plan, then chances are that you bring in the users to your landing page from different sources. These sources can be your website homepage, content upgrades, social media, paid ads, etc.

It is highly probable that visitors coming in from different sources were offered different messaging. It is also possible that the users from different sources come from different demographics, with interests and pain points that vary from each other.

So, to maximize the chances of conversions, it is best to design different landing pages for each of these sources. This way, you can offer a more personalized messaging that aligns with the initial source that was used to bring in the visitors.

Final thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules for creating perfect landing pages. Somethings that work for your competitors might not work for you. Hence, experimentation and A/B testing is the key.

So, try to use these strategies to create your landing page and track your conversions. At least a few of these will work wonders and help you reach your goals quicker.


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