Create Google Developers Console Project & Client ID

21 September 2019

To create Google Developers Console Project and client ID, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Google API Console.
  • If you have not created any Google API project yet, click NEW PROJECT to create a new project. Otherwise, select a project from the projects list.
  • On selecting the NEW PROJECT, you will be redirected to the project creation page. Enter the Project Name.
  • A Project ID will be assigned automatically to your new project. If you want to change this ID, click the Edit link under the Project name field.
  • Click the CREATE button.
  • The project would be created and you would be redirected to the project dashboard.
  • API & Services: Click on Enable APPS AND SERVICES
  • Search Box: Type Google Analytics API
  • Enable Button To Activate Google Analytics API services.
  • In the left side navigation panel, select Credentials under the APIs & Services section.

Add Credentials to Your Project as below:

  • Which API are you using : Google Analytics API option.
  • Where Will you be calling the API From: Web browser( Javascript ) option.
  • What Data will you be accessing: User Data option.
  • Click on the What Credentials do I need button....
  • Pop Appear Click on SET UP CONSENT SCREEN
  • Switch to the OAuth consent screen tab: Specify the name of the Application in the Application name field.
  • Select an email address in the Support email filed.
  • In the Authorized domains field, specify the domains which will be allowed to authenticate using OAuth.
  • Press the Save button
  • Switch to the Credentials tab, click the Create credentials drop-down and select OAuth client ID:
  • In the Application type section, select Web application.
  • In the Authorized JavaScript origins field, enter the origin URIs ( ).
  • In the Authorized redirect URIs field, enter the redirect URLs (
  • Press the Create button.
  • A dialog window will appear with OAuth client details (client ID and client secret). Copy the Client ID and Client secret that will be needed to access the APIs.
    • Enable Google Analytics reports: enables the report functionality.
    • Get Client ID and Client Secret
    • In the left navigation panel, select the Credentials link under the APIs & Services section.
    • In the Credentials tab, select the Client ID under from the OAuth 2.0 client IDs list.
    • In the Client ID credentials page, the Client ID and Client secret will be displayed.

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