How long does it take to design and build a website?

04 June 2021 . minute read

This is one of the foremost common questions I hear. It’s also one of the key factors within the success of your project.

If you’re launching a web site, you almost certainly want it ready as fast as possible. However, it’s difficult to measure how long it should fancy create a site if it’s your first time commissioning one. Without that information, you would possibly find yourself hiring the incorrect team for the work .

How soon can they start?

If you’re initial inquiry contains something almost like and that i want the situation sleep in subsequent month, you’ll get fewer responses. You’ll eliminate many great designers and developers because they're booked up so can’t begin immediately.

A better approach is to share your needs and permit them to explain how they could solve it and in what timeframe. You’ll then make your selection supported many factors, including their recommended solution, quality of past work, timeline and price.

There’s no “standard” amount of some time that developers are booked up. It completely depends on the individual (or company) and their current workload.

The client was during a rush which they were trying to accommodate. They ended up employing a special developer who was available a few of weeks before me. once I followed up a few of months later, I heard they saw many issues with their developer, launched later than they could have using my timeline, and are unhappy with the quality of labor.

How long before an internet site is prepared for review?

My team uses a 3 stage approach to website development. We start with discovery to seem at your needs and define a solution that meets your goals. This includes a sitemap to identify the overall content structure, and documentation describing the features and user experience on all key pages. For existing websites we also perform a technical site audit.

We then move to style, where we model exactly how all the pages will look out on all devices. the finished designs are like pictures of your future website. Finally, we move to development, where I build an online site that matches the approved designs and functionality described within the invention document. The finished website is then sent to you for review, beginning the modification period.

How long before you'll launch?

The final item within the timeline above is “Modification Period”. We don’t limit it to a specific number of weeks – it can take as long as you'd wish to perfect your website. This typically includes change requests for minor bugs or design inconsistencies. i prefer to recommend budgeting a minimum of fortnight for modifications.

The best because of get your website launched during a timely manner is to be prepared. This means: Block out time in your schedule to review and test your website. You recognize when it'll be delivered, and it’s obviously a high priority for you. Schedule it like all other add your day. The quicker we'll iterate through changes, the sooner the situation gets live.

Know what content are getting to be needed and have it ready. Going to have 10 case studies on your website? Write the content while we’re designing and developing the situation so as that they're often added immediately.

The number one cause for delayed launches is incomplete content. Nobody wants to launch a half-finished website, and content creation is difficult. Consider including content strategy and copywriting in our project’s scope.


A typical website will take 14 weeks at a minimum from start to launch. This includes 3 weeks discovery, 6 weeks design, 3 weeks initial development, and a few of weeks of modifications. It could deem for much longer if you wait until the highest to start out writing content.

The time estimate above doesn’t include the time you spend selecting your WordPress developer, nor the potential delayed start because of their availability. You need to be actively researching and hiring your designer and developer team 4-6 months before your required launch date.

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