How Making Accessibility a Priority Enables Innovative Design.

10 August 2022. minute read

People with disabilities and impairments are regularly left out by the absence of accessible web design, with just a small fraction of websites failing to fulfil the standards for accessible design in 2022.

People with disabilities and impairments are regularly left out by the absence of accessible web design, with just a small fraction of websites failing to fulfil the standards for accessible design in 2022. Even though this could be a bad circumstance, it also offers a great chance for website design innovation. Could the ultimate future of outstanding, ground-breaking website design lie in giving ever-deeper consideration to functionality and accessibility while creating truly inclusive sites?

What Is the Importance of Accessibility?

Thinking about the various contexts in which a website will be used is essential when planning, developing, and improving websites. This website will be browsed on a variety of mobile devices with various screen sizes and shapes, as well as in locations with bad, unreliable internet, in addition to desktop computers with fast internet. Your website must be as functional as possible if you want it to fulfil your needs and reach the largest potential portion of your audience. With an emphasis on speed and loading times, it requires responsive design. Beyond that, though, it demands a genuine focus on accessibility.

Different people interact with webpages in different ways. Every user should be considered when creating an accessible system, and this impacts all of us at some point or another. We all encounter circumstances when using the wrong colours, being in a noisy setting, or getting hurt could make it difficult for us to connect with websites. Because of this, websites must be created simply and plainly, with colour, font, and layout decisions that prioritise readability and comprehension and work backwards from there.

Additionally, websites that prioritise true accessibility will get clear advantages like increased traffic and conversion rates by making sure they are reaching as much of their audience as possible. Additional ranking factors for search behemoths like Google include functionality and user friendliness. Win-win.

Functionality Comes Before Innovation

A good website prioritises design aesthetics while placing usefulness at the centre and expanding outward from the primary functions. But functionality is a more complex idea than you might first imagine. A different, more thorough strategy is necessary to create websites that are not just very user-friendly but also as accessible as possible. However, there is much more room to create truly inventive websites with this new mindset.

The truth is that cutting-edge aesthetics and design alone are not enough to make a website innovative. It necessitates a coordinated strategy for usability, accessibility, and aesthetics. The proverb "necessity is the mother of innovation" certainly holds true when it comes to the creation of accessible websites.

Around the acronym POUR, the core concepts of accessibility can be constructed. observable, comprehendible, useable, and robust You can approach your website design from four new angles by starting with these fundamental ideas, which will enable real creativity and really accessible website design. When you take into account cutting-edge innovations like wearables, augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice search, this just becomes more thrilling. The potential for novel, creative design is enormous, particularly given how few accessibility features there are currently. How can the way we create, improve, and design websites be changed by a more accessible approach?

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