How To Draft An Outstanding Web Design Brief

17 January 2024 - minute read

So you would want a new website? We require a brief before we can provide you with an estimate on costs and timelines, regardless of whether you're a start-up without a website or just in need of a redesign.

So you would want a new website? We require a brief before we can provide you with an estimate on costs and timelines, regardless of whether you're a start-up without a website or just in need of a redesign.

A website design brief—what is it, really?

A written document called a brief provides a comprehensive explanation and definition of the issues that need to be resolved, along with specifics on significant factors and limitations that must be taken into account during the website's design and development.

What is the significance of a web design brief?

A brief is an essential tool for conveying ideas and thoughts to us so that we may better understand your project. It keeps a clear and concise path for you and our team and covers points that might come up along the way. It forces you to reflect deeply and consider items you might otherwise consider unnecessary.

You will get more as a client the more information you have. But keep in mind that your synopsis need not be the completed piece! Excellent relationships with our clients are the foundation of great design, and if you're not sure where to start, we can point you in the right direction!

Well, you may be asking yourself, how can I write a really good web brief. These are some excellent topics to cover in a web design brief, which we have thankfully broken down for you.


Since it's possible that we don't know anything about you, it's ideal to start with details about your background, occupation, and services or goods provided. This is essential if we are to comprehend your company and feel like we are a member of it. For us to fully comprehend you as a firm, it is crucial that you provide essential details like your history, size, location, and company values. We would like to know where you would like it to go as well as its current location!

Having a lead point of contact at this moment is also very beneficial. It's Rishi for us. Your initial point of contact for any inquiries you may have at Diginow is Rishi, who is also a co-founder and project manager. Here at Diginow, we try to include designers and developers in client communications so that you may interact with the appropriate team member working on your project and establish an open channel of communication. We constantly look forward to meeting our clients, whether it's in person or over a zoom!

Giving us supposition-based insider information about your brand is crucial in this case. For instance, it's possible that your business structure has changed to reflect your present situation or that your website does not now offer all of the services or goods you do.

Budget and Deadline

Surely it would be better to clear this up now? We are aware that not every customer will be aware of their budget or may choose not to disclose it to us! However, this saves a great deal of time in the beginning for both you, the customer, and us developers because we can determine whether your budget is reasonable given your goals. A more thorough and precise quote can be obtained by outlining your budget, including a rough pricing range and an anticipated timeframe. We can tell you if your vision is feasible within a given timeline if you're aiming to launch the new website in conjunction with a new product launch, opening, or seasonal event.

Don't worry, though; this does not imply that we will bid you farewell as a client if you have a tight budget and a short window of time. We're always looking for methods to help. For instance, we can work with CMS development since the back end is already constructed, saving a ton of time compared to constructing a totally bespoke eCommerce site.

Target Audience

This is important to know because throughout the entire process—from research to design to development—we're always considering and customizing it for your audience.

For whom are we creating designs? What is the purpose of visitors to the website, and who will use it? What particular traits do you wish these users to possess, and what thoughts and emotions do you hope they will experience when visiting your website? Better still if you have particular demographic information! This might appear as Search Console, Hotjar, Google Analytics, etc.

Looking ahead, it's quite helpful to describe not only your existing audience but also any new audiences you hope to draw in with your new website design and the characteristics of your ideal client. Details as specific as font and the positioning of call to action buttons (CTAs) can have a major impact on your target audience as can color and imagery.

Your Current Website

The good, the terrible, and the ugly are what we want to hear about if you have an active website or an outdated one that hasn't been updated in years. What functions? What should be made better? Which components are you hoping to keep? Telling us why your previous website is no longer appropriate is very helpful to us, since it's excellent to know.

Though we can usually tell what these are, there may be some essential elements you're searching for in more or less of an amount. Some examples include more call to action (CTAs), faster loading times, improved user experiences (UX), more scalable devices, higher Google ranking, and so on. However, do not forget to provide the URL.

We really need to know what you think about certain parts of your present website as well as your expectations. While some may argue that the color blue is terrible, we think it's a great color. We would like to know your thoughts early in the project to check if we are on the same page, as some design components are subjective. You don't have to have technical opinions, so don't worry.

Competition for Websites.

Even though we conduct extensive research on rivals and related businesses, we value your feedback and any additional knowledge you may have. You must choose between attempting to blend in and be safe or trying to stand out from the crowd. There is no right or incorrect response—it all depends on your goals!

Features of the website that you find appealing.

Examining websites isn't just for rivals or even sites that are part of your sector. You might already have a list of websites that you appreciate particular aspects of or that you hope to one day visit. We would adore hearing them! Provide a few instances of websites that you enjoy and describe your preferences, citing things like color schemes, navigation, and particular interactive features. How do you define a successful website?

Content on Web

It's a good idea to start thinking about your new site's content early on; don't wait until the last minute! Will you be the one supplying the website with fresh content? Are you making use of already-published material? Do you already have any pictures, photos, or videos? If the preceding responses are, then nope! We are aware that this is a difficult task, but we are here to assist you!

Support for Websites

Knowing how much assistance you'll need with the website once it's been developed is also beneficial. A lot of code, graphics, files, and folders make up your website; these things require a somewhere to reside, which is where hosting comes in! Do you need web hosting? Do you intend to purchase or already hold a domain? How much ongoing upkeep or assistance do you anticipate being needed for the website? What future tasks could you want assistance with? or Services for Organic SEO.

Every client is unique; some have never constructed a website before and are just starting out on this path. Some clients only require technical support because their in-house content marketing teams manage the website. Additionally, some clients want us to oversee everything and provide constant changes suggestions to boost growth.

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