Recognizing Page Content Structure

08 Feb 2024. minute read

A website's proper content organization is just as crucial as its content. You can make your material simpler to read and more search engine optimized for your website visitors by according to a few basic standards.

Every page on your website, including stories, has to have a Header 1. People are drawn in and encouraged to read further by the Heading 1 (H1). Search bots also utilize it to determine the topic of the page. There should never be more than one H1 on a page as having more would hurt your SEO.

The CMS automatically displays the H1 on the page of every website we create. This is derived from the page title, although an alternative page title option allows you to change it.

The H1 should include the keywords that the page is centered on, and the rest of the material should follow. Your lead paragraph should also include the page keywords and a more in-depth description of the page's subject.

The keywords should be repeated frequently in your material, preferably in a style that makes it easy to read. Additionally, you should use the Heading 2 element to divide your material into sections. A page may have more than one H2 element, and each one should include your keywords in it.

Lastly, the keywords for every picture you utilize on your page should be in the image's alternative text.

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