What Customers Expect to See on Your Company's Website

17 June 2022 . minute read

Any company understands that their customers always come first. A business is only as good as its ability to keep its customers happy, whether it is a large corporation or a small shop.

Any company understands that their customers always come first. A business is only as good as its ability to keep its customers happy, whether it is a large corporation or a small shop.

For businesses that rely on their websites to generate leads, it is critical to provide customers with at least some of the features they expect from a website. We've broken them down into four things your website needs and your customers want to see.

Customers want to know how to contact you:

Many visitors go to a company's website to get in touch with them. It should be apparent how clients may contact you from the very first page. A physical site, even if it is one that no one would visit, reassures a customer that your company is real and authentic.

Whether you include your company's and contact center team's contact information in the footer of every page or create a separate area for it, make sure it's there. Also, make sure you include a variety of contact methods, such as phone calls and emails.

You can use email addresses to embed a link on a page that, when a consumer clicks with it, opens a new email in their favourite web client or app. Phone lines, chat services, and other services can all be used in the same way.

Tell your customers what to do next using Call To Action Buttons:

Even if you're not a marketing professional, you probably recognise the value of a call to action. Customers want signs or buttons that say "buy now," "sign up for our newsletter," or "click here for more information" to prompt them to take action. When you use buttons like this, you're informing your customers exactly what they should do next.

However, don't overuse them on your site or in your design; instead, utilise 2-3 on a single page and make them obvious and accessible. Make it clear what you want your customers to do, whether it's buy something, contact you for further information, or simply sign up for a newsletter.

Testimonials and Comments:

You can tell the entire internet that you have the best brand in the world, but no one will believe you unless you provide proof. This is where adding testimonials and feedback comes into play.

You may also wish to share and accept third-party feedback such as customer reviews, recommendations, and testimonials. Create a procedure that allows all customers and clients with whom you come into contact to share their experiences. Then encourage them to do so in front of others.

Client lists are especially important if your clients are corporations. People will want to see if you have any high-profile clients. However, make certain that those you list as clients give their permission.

Navigation that is smooth and responsive:

Have you ever come across a website that looks great on a desktop but fails miserably on a mobile device? Poor navigation is the single most effective way to damage a website's performance. Nothing is more aggravating than going to a website with a certain goal in mind only to become lost in a maze of unnecessary pages.

Make sure that no matter which platform your users use to browse, the experience is smooth and efficient. Unless your entire website is made up of a single page, you'll need to provide a way for users to traverse it. Most websites have menus to help users navigate from the home page to the information they're looking for.

If you have a huge menu or several sub-menus, it may be a good idea to have them collapse on mobile until they are needed. A good website is responsive, meaning it adjusts to the resolution and screen size of the device you're using to access it.

To summarise:

If you want to keep your clients pleased, your website should include all four of these elements. Visitors to your website will expect to see contact information, Call to Action buttons, proof of your competence, and seamless, responsive navigation, all of which are essential.

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