What is bespoke website design?

15 November 2022. minute read

We are frequently questioned about the specifics of bespoke website design, its advantages over less expensive off-the-shelf themes, and the best type to use.

We are frequently questioned about the specifics of bespoke website design, its advantages over less expensive off-the-shelf themes, and the best type to use.

There isn't really a right or wrong answer when it comes to what's best; it all depends on your niche keyword company and how essential your website is to its operation, expansion, and success.

What is the distinction between bespoke and theme?

A website that is made specifically for a certain group of people or for any specific objective is known as being bespoke. A theme or pre-made website is the reverse of this because it is a ready-made design. In particular, whether you're on a tight budget, running a small business, pressed for time, or require a showcase or brochure site, website themes are a terrific method to get your company online. You may have noticed that many websites recently share a similar design; this is because themes were used while creating website.

Themes are fashionable, general templates made by creative designers that you may customise with your brand's visuals, colours, and logo. They are available for free download, or if you want a little more customization, you can pay for a premium theme. A theme is useful for smaller businesses since it is predictable, requires less technical expertise to use, and requires less development.

The drawback? mainly durability and efficiency. Themes may become limiting over time as your business expands or undergoes changes because they are difficult to modify or evolve. Due to their versatility in design, they also frequently feature redundant code. Because clean code is preferred by search engines, this affects page load time and SEO. Since there is no typical "design" process with a theme, it might not accurately represent your brand. Depending on the quantity of content you have copywriting, photography, animation, or video, the level of customization required, and whether you need brand development, you should prepare to pay up to £5000+ VAT if your developer is working with a straightforward theme.

Designed from the ground up

A bespoke or custom website is at the other extreme of the web design spectrum; it is designed specifically for your business from the bottom up with your unique business objectives, features, and functionalities in mind. Even though it takes more time and money, a custom website gives you complete control over the "look and feel," how it responds to users' demands, and how it motivates target groups to act.

A systematic strategy is used by developers while creating bespoke websites. At Diginow Web Agency, we start by doing extensive research during the discovery phase to determine what a company and its clients require. Clarifying requirements, speaking with important stakeholders, conducting market and competition research, reviewing the website analytics already in place, and analysing the brand are all steps we'll take in crafting our brief. With this knowledge, we can next create precise specifications for the design and construction of the planned website and create rough wireframes.

Your website will be extremely easy to use and stylish with a bespoke build; the possibilities are truly endless. With a user experience (UX) that is intuitive and a user interface (UI) that is consistent with your brand, it is a strong asset. The shape your website takes will differ substantially depending on the tasks.

A bespoke build will be essential to attract inquiries and increase conversions if your website serves as an extension of your business. Another advantage of using a fully customizable method is that the code is written from scratch, ensuring that each line of code optimizes SEO. This indicates that it loads considerably more quickly, is safer, and is simpler to manage. It's a good idea to consult a professional before deciding on any course of action.

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