Why bespoke website designs outperform templates

29 November 2022. minute read

There are several ways to create a website design for your business. To design and build a website from scratch, you can use online tools like Wix and Squarespace, pre-made themes for content management systems...

There are several ways to create a website design for your business. To design and build a website from scratch, you can use online tools like Wix and Squarespace, pre-made themes for content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, or a freelance web developer or web design company. Each of the above mentioned options has benefits, but for the sake of this article, let's concentrate on the reasons why bespoke website designs are preferable than templates.

A bespoke website design gives you total control over every area of your website, allowing you to influence the design, guarantee the user experience is optimised for conversions, and ensure your website is 100 percent secure. You can personalise every aspect to your heart's delight. The following are benefits of bespoke website design.

Professionally developed by a web designer

You may modify the style and feel of your website, which is the most obvious benefit of having a bespoke website design created by a professional web designer. Even if using a template or online tool enables you to use your content and brand, the layout and general design of the theme are frequently rather constrained, which means your website may appear exactly like hundreds of other websites that use the same theme. Your company will stand out with a made - to - order website design since it will be distinctive to you. You would be able to directly serve your clients.

Pre-made template

Typically, if you choose a pre-made template, it will already have a tonne of plugins installed, giving you the ability to change a variety of features on your website. The problem with this is that having several plugins installed could cause your website to load substantially more slowly. You might discover that you don't need any plugins at all if you build a bespoke website from scratch. Your website design company can create all functions just for you.

This allows you to concentrate on website loading speed, which is essential for achieving top Google rankings in particular. It is possible to enable page caching, optimise your images, and do away with the need for many scripts to be loaded, which is frequently a major problem with pre-made themes. Naturally, all of this is based on your choice of a top-notch web design company or independent contractor to build your website.


Security must be a priority while creating a website design. You may use it to make sure that all of the files and folders on your website are secure and password-protected from possible hackers. To keep your site secure when using a pre-made template, you must make sure that plugins are updated frequently. It's also important to note that the majority of reputable web designers will provide reputable web hosting with a focus on security. A valid SSL certificate should always be included when creating a new website from scratch, despite the fact that Google has recently started penalising websites that do not have one.


Your website will be created with search engine optimization in mind from the beginning if it has a bespoke web design. You may need to install additional plugins to optimise the functionality of the website templates, even if they are frequently quite successful for basic SEO. Your bespoke website design should be much better optimised, especially if this is discussed before the project starts. This implies that you can effectively modify every piece of content you produce to ensure that you are immediately competitive with your rivals.

A perfect user experience

One of the most popular reasons for creating and developing a website from the ground up is the ability to fully comprehend what you are doing on the site and what you want to achieve with it. You may design your website around your users and provide them with the best path with some research and user journeys. In order to provide a smooth user journey from their entry point to the CTA and conclusion point, User Experience (UX) is used to wireframe each page. Your user journeys can be readily bespokeised with a bespoke website design, which is not possible with a pre-made theme.


We now get to the topic of scalability. One of the main factors in your website's success is the ongoing adjusting and improvement you make to it. By monitoring user behaviour, you can remove ineffective features and add new sections and pieces to enhance your website and eventually boost sales and conversions. Once your website is up and running, working with a web design company helps you to keep control and increase its capabilities.

What to avoid when using templates for your website

No Uniqueness and Creativity

Even if the information you provide is distinct, the template won't be. You will need to work twice as hard to distinguish out since other firms and enterprises might utilise the same one.

For instance, you can include your brand, which must be prominently shown for you to stand out, as well as customised icons, pictures, and other elements. Visitors will still be able to tell if a website is original or based on a template.

Poor user experience

While templates look nice, the issue is that they don't take the user experience and all of its ramifications into account. Your buyer persona should be represented on the website and should feel as though it was created with him or her in mind.

When you use a template, the website is built in a uniform way. It lacks the enjoyment, effectiveness, and excitement found on a website created especially for the intended audience. This may be harmful because your target customers might not decide to make a purchase if they don't take the actions you want them to.

Needed revisions

You need to be aware of the frequent updates needed to keep the website functioning properly. It's important to keep in mind that updates can change the site's content in addition to fixing concerns with past design errors.

Additionally, the version of the website template you have selected might not work with some plug-ins that you might need.

Website templates, as you can see, have a lot of drawbacks, which shows that custom website design is preferable to templates. Making a website that potential customers can easily utilise is ultimately the most important factor. Make contact with us to begin developing a special website. You can achieve your goals and significantly improve your online performance with the help of our designers, developers, and digital marketing team.

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