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29 August 2022. minute read

Our modern website designs improve user experience and simplify the customer journey from the first visit to the moment of sale. Every company requires a working website to advertise services and engage customers.

Our modern website designs improve user experience and simplify the customer journey from the first visit to the moment of sale. Every company requires a working website to advertise services and engage customers. If you own an online store, your website must promote your brand and offer a first-rate user experience.

We provide comprehensive eCommerce website design that prioritises the user experience over all other considerations. Your eCommerce shop will have an experience that entices customers to return with clear designs, great graphics, and easy navigation.

Various Selling Platforms Can Use eCommerce Website Solutions.

You can choose the best eCommerce platform for your company out of the many options available. We strive to make our services as customizable as possible since we recognise that what works for one business may not be appropriate for another.

We can create online stores on the following selling platforms because we are a full-service agency.


Shopify, one of the most well-liked eCommerce systems available, is frequently seen as the straightforward method for establishing your company's online presence. It's more of an all-in-one platform, but it's perfect for small businesses that prioritise usability over all other considerations.


Due to WooCommerce's compatibility with WordPress, it is a popular CMS eCommerce platform. Our team can assist you in configuring the platform so that it functions properly for your potential clients. The platform contains more customisation components and good back-end management features.


Magento features a robust CMS and top-notch design components, but it is perhaps the most difficult eCommerce selling platform to operate. We can offer a painless migration service because we have experience working with numerous large enterprises to integrate Magento into their websites.

Custom eCommerce Websites.

Deliver amazing experiences rather than just making things that work. Our design and development team lives by this adage. Your website should be designed with strong navigational functionality and every component should complement your brand identity.

The consumer journey is streamlined from the first visit to the checkout process thanks to the "wow" websites we design and develop.

You'll get a website that perfectly expresses your identity without sacrificing functionality thanks to great graphics and extraordinary attention to the smallest details.

Transfer of an existing website.

In some circumstances, you can discover that the needs of your expanding business can't be met by your current eCommerce platform. Your eCommerce site will be operational quickly thanks to our hassle-free migration service.

In order to take advantage of full-service stock management solutions that optimise your complete inventory and sales processes, our team may upgrade your website with the most recent sales and analytics technology and add other design components.

Website Design for Mobile eCommerce.

Your website will almost surely lose visitors if it isn't mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly interface is necessary to deliver the greatest possible customer experience because more people than ever use their mobile devices for shopping.

In addition to setting up your website to accept mobile payments, we'll work with you to create and implement a consistent design across all devices. Your visitors won't have any trouble using your website and adding items to their shopping carts.

Integrations with Multiple Functions.

There are so many efficient eCommerce options out there, and we know you probably already have several essential tools to improve your marketing efforts and speed up the sales process. A variety of payment processors, including PayPal and Apple Pay, will be integrated by our staff.

In order to manage your store without any hassles, we'll also assist you automate your customer management and email marketing systems.

Technical SEO and On-Page SEO.

Every eCommerce site needs search engine optimization, but few companies take advantage of the chance SEO offers. When the plan is successful, you'll enhance your visibility on the search results page and draw more organic traffic.

We'll make sure that your product category pages are rich in SEO and identify the keywords that will boost your visibility.

Why Choose Diginow?

Easy To Manage.

Our websites are built to be fully managed by you, if that's what you want. We give our clients full access and training to a feature rich enterprise content management system. We build our sites in a modular way, building each component in a logical and systematic way that makes it simple to manage and update content even if you’re not a techie.

Designed To Convert.

As you will see from our process, we spend a lot of time behind the scenes getting the strategy right: Researching, User Profiling, Content Strategy and working on the UI / UX of your site. These steps are vital in ensuring we are creating a site that will convert visitors into customers. Our website design process helps us consistently build responsive websites and digital business applications that are creatively designed but pack functionality that deliver for our clients.

Speed & Security.

We make sure your website pages are optimised for speedy page load, whether they have images, video or just content. Website visitors like a website to load quickly and to be sure that it’s safe. We take your websites security very seriously, both for yourselves and your customers.

Business Problems Require Solving.

We work with our clients to create the business case with them for building an application. It may be that there is already a process in place but it involves many different departments in the business. A case in example for one our clients was putting in a system that would allow them to manage over 15 after school clubs from invoicing to reporting and invoicing.

Centralising Systems.

We often find that clients will have multiple systems handling their business processes. Each system may connect, may pass data, but it’s clear that there are huge time consuming inefficiencies in the process. Centralising the process into one system leads to economies of scale.

Web Design Portfolio.

We are at our happiest when our client’s needs are met and exceeded. It’s a barometer for our own performance. Here’s some of the high quality website designs we have created for our clients here.

Industry Sectors.

Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors (recruitment (CRM's, recruitment website design & job boards), hospitality, healthcare, school, education, institute, retail, charity & legal). We keep it simple and focused by building strong relationships. We research your business, who you are & what you stand for.

Our aim is to provide creative web design and bespoke web development services from initial idea to reality & build website & software that give your business a competitive edge.

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